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It’s time for the second Instagram Travel Thursday! This time we’re in Orlando, Florida where we spent couple of days during spring. This was my first time in Orlando and second time in Florida. Miami and West Palm Beach got familiar about 10 years ago. We stayed at Sheraton Vistana Villages which was quite nice. Our suite was extremely spacious and clean (loved the huge bathroom), grounds impeccable, but the food was just horrible everywhere. I did not have one good meal this entire trip. Only one that was ok was veggie burger at Tommy Bahamas. So yeah, not so impressive. More from this trip can be found herehere and here.

From top left: Pointe Florida, Sheraton Vistana Villages pool area, Epcot Center
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  1. Thanks for sharing your images, once again, veggie burger sounds good, can't find those in Norway…. 🙂

    1. What!?? Not sure I can visit Norway now… I need my comfort foods!

  2. I also like eating at Tommy Bahamas. Looks like Orlando is a great place to visit, thank yo for sharing

    1. I especially enjoyed their fresh fruit cocktails! Love how everything there is made from the real stuff and not syrups like up here in North East.

  3. It's been more than 20 years since i was last in Orlando and it still looks pretty much the same… I remember the hotel pool and Dunkin' Donuts across the street being the best part. 🙂

    1. Wow, that's been a while! I'm sure the scenery is quite much the same. Palm trees, highways, chain restaurants, hotels and amusement parks. We had a good trip, but I don't think I'd go back before I have kids…

  4. Loving the photos again, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Veera! Hopefully you can join in again next week!

  5. I'm sure that there must be good places to eat in Orlando but we spend too much time at theme parks when we're there so we haven't found them yet either! Love the photo from EPCOT – the tiles are amazing!

    1. I would've LOVED to find some tips on good eats around there. Another problem was that I'm a vegetarian and they really did not cater to me at all. One otherwise nice restaurant served me tasteless grilled mushroom and few pieces of carrots and squash and charged $29 for that. Unbelievable. Cocktails in Orlando were good though, most made with fresh fruit. So I ate less and drank more. 🙂

  6. Love your photos and stories! Thank you so much for joining! 🙂

  7. That's too bad about the food. Orlando is on my list with the kids soon. I've been once with one, but it's time for the other one to go.

    1. I would probably go back once I have kids, because it truly is kid's wonderland. But for adults trip, no more.

  8. It's amazing how one thing can throw off your whole trip! I do love Florida. Haven't been to Orlando yet, will need to visit there soon!

    1. Food is quite important part of every trip and as a culinary school graduate and food lover it's such bummer to experience truly bad food and not one great meal. I guess they don't count on repeat customers since it's such huge tourist attraction that they have enough new people coming in all the time. Oh well, live and learn.

  9. Great photos of Orlando. We visit many times a year but stay mainly around the theme parks as our kids love it there. Sorry to hear that the food was so bad 🙁

  10. Bad food is such a bummer. I think there is good food to be had in Orlando, but you have to look a lot harder for it than in other cities, because the tourists in the area seem pretty content with shelling out a lot of $$ for mediocre meals. I got on Yelp the last time I was there & found a tiny, little Venezuelan restaurant…but the rest of the trip was slim pickings for sure.

  11. I'm so sorry you had a bad food experience. We go to orlando 6-9 times a year and have amazing dining experiences. Happy to help any of you on your next trips!
    P.S. – if you aren't totally tied to parks, try RitzCarlton/Marriott GrandeLakes nearby. Amazing!!

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