1. Morning walk at the pier in Venice Beach 2. Venice beach people 3. Flying above Utah 4. Breakfast of the champions

 I’m participating Instagram Travel Thursday, created by Scimbaco Lifestyle, by sharing my travel related photos through instagram hashtag #IGTravelThursday on Thursdays, naturally, as well as in this blog.

Instagram Travel Thursday is a weekly blog post collection with a purpose to promote the great travel experts on Instagram and Instagram as a source for travel inspiration. The Instagram Travel Thursday is hosted by well-known travel and lifestyle bloggers in the USA and Europe (check out one of my favorites here), and everyone is welcomed to join in. Participants are asked to link up a new Instagram Travel post each week. You are welcome to jump in at any time.
1. View from our suite in Viceroy Santa Monica Hotel 2. Fresh-pressed green juice for breakfast 3. Pool area 4. Yet another breakfast shot (guess I really enjoyed my breakfasts on this trip
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  1. Thanks for participating and I can't believe I haven't visited your blog before! Love the images for Los Angeles, it's been too long that I've been there….

    1. I just found you as well through Great to "meet" you! Los Angeles (or basically anywhere in California) is where we hope to live one day… Sooner than later.

  2. I'm loving this blog too and the photos! 🙂 I would love a green smoothie for breakfast too!

    1. Thank you Veera! X I start my mornings every single day with either a green smoothie or juice. Gets my day started off just right. Try it! 🙂

  3. Hi Kat! Thanks for joining! Since you write in English – please link up at Skimbaco's site for the English linky! I hope you join us next week too! I wish I had known you when we still lived in New York.

    1. Hey Katja! Thanks for letting me know, I just linked there. And sure I will join next week as well (even though our weekend trip to the country side got cancelled due to rain in the forecast for tomorrow…). But at least I always have NYC to capture 🙂

  4. Oh, thank you so much sweetie! Either I can't believe I haven't visited your blog before! So awesome that you joined us. 🙂

    I'd love to invite you to our Facebook group for Finnish bloggers. I'll send you an email so please check it out and join if you are interested (I'd love to have you in our group!). 🙂

    /Nella, Kaukokaipuu

    1. Hello Nella,

      I so love the photos of New York in your blog! Anyways, I'll wait for the email, would love to join the group fa'sho! 🙂

      Have a great weekend! X

  5. I love these photos. I also love seeing how others capture the cities they visit.


    1. Thank you Leigh! 🙂

  6. Be still my heart. I'm a native Angeleno so it's great to see pictures of Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

    1. Oh lucky you! We're California dreaming here every day… 🙂

  7. Your photos remind me of my time living in LA. Santa Monica was one of my favorite spots. Looks like you are having a fabulous trip! We are just arriving home from travels to Punta Cana. We had an unplanned night in NYC (due to the plane crash in SF) but made the most of it in Noho. We love NYC!
    Just found your blog and I look forward to following!
    Cheers, Heather @Stylelmindchic

    1. Hi Heather! I love Dominican Republic! Hope you had wonderful time there! We haven't been to an actual vacation this year (just me following my husband on his work trips), so I cannot wait to go to Europe next month for 2 weeks…

      Thanks for stopping by!

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