I spent most of my weekend hanging out in our tiny yard, enjoying the sun, reading motivational books (what else is new) and just doing nothing, but enjoying the sun, peace and family. I often feel that I need to pack my weekends full of activities to feel accomplished, and when people ask me at work on Monday how my weekend was I’m able to tell them many exciting details about it. I understand now that it doesn’t need to be that way every weekend. Sometimes my answer can be “just relaxed and chillaxed” or “absolutely nothing and I loved it!”. I guess my need to be super active, especially during summers, comes from the short summers in Finland. When you have very limited time to enjoy the warmth and the sun you want to make the best of it every single chance you get.
Look at guard panther behind the window. Miina and Moses keep a close eye on me.
“When you are really in the flow with your Inner Being, ideas come easily—they are implemented easily. It’s fun while you are in the process of them, and it doesn’t matter how they unfold; and nothing can go wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it done, it’s just fun to do it. Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.” Abraham Hicks

7 Replies to “THE ART OF JUST BEING”

  1. Kuulostaa ihanalta! Tuntuu, etta ihan vaan olemisen taito ei meille suomalaisille ole niin helppoa. Itsekin yritan opetella sita ja jonkin verran olen jo onnistunutkin.
    Mukavaa viikkoa!

  2. Heh, katsoin ensimmäisestä kuvasta että levitoit, mutta ei sentään. 😀
    Meilläkin on muuten itämaisia kissoja (itämaisia lyhytkarvoja), aivan mahtavia otuksia. 🙂

  3. I had a sick day yesterday, though I wasn't so sick anymore, but it felt so good to do nothing all day. You need it sometimes!

  4. Tiedän niin ton tunteen.. varsinkin nyt kun on ollut taas vaihteeks aikas sateinen kesä, tulee olo että aina pitäis olla tekemässä jotain heti kun aurinko vähän pilkistää jostakin raosta. Mun jättimaha vaan on pakottanut ottamaan vähän rauhallisemmin, eikä se ookkaan tuntunu ihan niin kauheelta. 🙂

  5. I just wish I had a weekend like that soon! Sounds soooo nice. My life seems to be right now way overloaded!

  6. I think you're right; about it being a Finnish thing. This summer has been so unpredictable here in the Northern part of Finland, it's almost a sin not to go out and do all kinds of chores and stuff when the sun finally does shine. If you don't, you'll be sorry when it starts raining again… 😀

    Well, it seems today is going to be a lovely one. Perhaps I'll just go out, spread a blanket on our lawn and continue reading the book I haven't finished in a whole year! 🙂

  7. Tuntuu todella tutulta tuo. Vaikka lööbaaminen on tosi mukavaa, siitä tulee helposti syyllinen olo, kun ei olekaan tekemässä Jotain. 🙂

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