My First Colon Hydrotherapy Experience

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It’s been raining and getting colder each day (except today was really nice and warm again). I guess fall is finally here. Not my favorite season, but I’ll get through it (and winter). I’ve been continuing to enjoy my green smoothies each morning and definitely noticed the increased energy level. Unfortunately my skin is still pretty bad with painful cystic acne so I had to dig deeper to figure out the root cause of it. So I took more “radical” action and booked an appointment for colon hydrotherapy at Sanavita Center for Holistic Cleansing.

For those who are new to the subject, a Colonic is simply the gentle infusion of water into the rectum to both hydrate the body and eliminate toxins. Toxins build up in the colon from food we eat and from the functions of the liver, which dumps filtered toxins from the blood into the intestines for final elimination.

Benefits of colonic are reduction of constipation, clear skin, increased energy levels, overall healthful feeling and absorption of vitamins and minerals from food in a more efficient way since you don’t have all the toxic sludge covering the walls of your intestines.
IMG_9097I really liked how cozy and homey Sanavita was. My colon therapist Pearl was super nice and made me feel comfortable in a quite awkward situation. She asked me to put on a hospital gown with an open back that covers lower abdomen and legs and lie down on the bed on my side while she inserted the tube attached to a machine in my rectum. This didn’t feel like anything and I slowly turned on my back so that we could start the session.

She turned on the machine and warm water started flowing in to the colon. As soon as I felt too much pressure I asked her to release the water and it would all come out through the tube with pieces of feces. She would also massage my stomach in order to help the water and feces to come out. We kept filling and releasing quite a few times, and twice we did it with chlorophyll instead of just water to help break the stubborn buildups.

After about an hour the tube was removed and I had about ten minutes in my own private bathroom to release the rest of the water and feces. And let me tell you, there was tons coming out. And it would just keep coming out pretty much the rest of the day every time I used the bathroom.  Very cleansing experience indeed. Oh, and the bathroom had Squatty Potty! I need one of those home too.


After I was done I was given electrolyte drink filled with trace minerals to replenish lost electrolytes and a probiotic to help replenish the healthy flora (good bacteria) that was lost during the colonic hydrotherapy. Read here more about what to expect during the session.

I’m definitely going to do it again even I didn’t experience any immediate results with my skin clearing or energy levels. It did help me to get regular though. I was very constipated according to my therapist since I informed her that I have bowel movement only every 2 to 3 days. Healthy colon has at least one a day. And that’s where I’m at now.

Sanavita was located right across the street from a very nice health store called Natural Green Market.  I was told by my therapist to get ground flaxseeds (or even better, grind them yourself to avoid them getting rancid fast) in order to get enough fiber in my diet (flax is also great source of Omega-3’s) as well as herbal tea called Smooth Move to jumpstart regular bowel movements. Smooth Move is not to be used daily, only when things get really jammed up, like for example after a long flight, or when getting started with a protocol to eliminate constipation.

I have about one tablespoon of flaxseeds in the evening after dinner with plenty of fresh water (important to drink lots of water, otherwise you get stomach pain) and cup of tea before going to bed. It still amazes me how well my colon started working immediately after the colon hydrotherapy experience and the flaxseed+tea combo. This is the start of a healthier life. I’ve come one step closer again feeling great and clearing my skin.

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  1. I've been thinking about trying it too. How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Hello my dear Sara Scarlet! 🙂

    I'm a deal hunter so I found this on for $99 including one colonic session and one spiritual health coaching session with the founder Alex Dunlop (OMG, what a charismatic man, wow), but normal price for One Colonic Session is $155 and Series of Three Colonics: $397. It's not cheap, but I think it was totally worth it if you do it once a year or every six months.

  3. Oh, I think my husband has done this before – He was very very impressed and told me it made me feel lighter and everything..

    I think I need to try too..

  4. LOVE the boots..haha 🙂

  5. super interesting! I didn't even know this was an option. Also…cutest picture ever of you jumping 🙂

  6. Ihana asukokonaisuus! Onpas kiva että löytyi uusi kiinnostava blogi. Pitääpä tutkailla tarkemmin 🙂

  7. Loving the jumping pic! =D

  8. Great rain boots!!! I'm becoming a rain voot addict =) LOL

    p.s. kiitos käynnistä

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