Baked Vegan Donuts

What would our annual Vappu celebration be without donuts! I remember when I was a little girl in Finland and my friend Maria’s mother would make Vappu donuts every year. They were incredible delicious, hot out of the fryer. We enjoyed them with some homemade sima, of course. Sima is a kind of a fermented […]


 On Saturday we packed our bags and headed out to the Great Hill in Central Park for another one of our famous color-themed picnics (check out our previous picnics here: Pink & White). This time it was blue which kind of went well together with the midsummer being the same time. For once we were […]


Theme picnics are always fun (remember our Pink Picnic also known as Pinknic?) so we had another one to celebrate the Labor Day. Theme was white of course. Here’s some shots from our White Picnic. Marshmallows, white mystery cocktails, white dresses, white everything. “White covers a multitude of sins.” — Jonathan Milne


What a fun picnic we had yet again in Central Park. Even a little rain, nor a little ticket for public drinking, couldn’t ruin it. I mean who has such bad luck that cops just happened to be in this secluded area of Central Park, looking for person who had been showing his private parts […]