Life Lately

If you’ve seen my Instagram stories these past two weeks you may have noticed that I’ve started a new gig in San Francisco’s Financial District. The view from our 15th floor office towards the Bay Bridge is just magnificent. I could just stare out the window entire day, day dreaming and getting inspired. I forgot […]

Life Lately

Even Mercury Retrograde is here and I had three sleepless nights in a row (maybe because of that and the recent full moon?) I feel positive energy more than in a long time. I’m feeling change and abundance coming after a long dry season of pinching pennies, and in one week I won two contests: […]

Life Lately

I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally here because weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I’ve spent so much time outdoors riding my bicycle around the island, sitting at the beach/park reading (yes, i’m still trying to finish Highly Intuitive People) and taking long walks listening to my fave podcasts. I love podcasts! […]

Life Lately…

I cannot wait for the winter to be over and spring to start. Spring has that energy of renewal and possibilities that I love. Spring makes me come out of my hibernation cave, meet people, try new things, explore, get active and adventurous. I’ve almost felt it in the air this past week when sun […]

Life Lately in Snapshots

Life lately… Tons of herbal tea, wool socks, snuggling on the couch, scented candles, sage smudging, angels, Korean stews and …. daily exercise! I accidentally found Robin Sharma’s Youtube channel and listened to one of his inspiring videos talking about the “Holy Hour” and how to get up early. It resonated with me since I’m […]


Hello friends! Quietness on the blog has been due to feeling a bit uninspired, mainly because of the change of seasons. It is cold, and when it gets cold, I tend to hibernate. I must’ve been a bear in my past life. On my days off I’ve forced myself to get out of the house […]


Let’s start with Friday because I had a task at work that gave me a big headache. Literally. I was asked to go to the Flower District and find non-fragrant greenery for a dinner party happening that same evening. I had so many visions of modern, minimalist centerpieces in glass vases filled with white stones. […]