Home Alone 5

It has been wonderful Christmas time. I’ve spent it alone this year, well, with Miina and Moses, since hubs flew to NJ to spend time with his family. We’ve been watching documentaries, movies, wearing onesies all day long, listening to loud music and singing, eating healthy(ish) foods+ tons of chocolate. Also, decorated gingerbread houses in […]

Holidays in Finland

Few days ago I arrived to Finland after 16+ hours of traveling that started from Oakland, California. The first leg of the flight (10 hrs) went quite smooth. It was completely full flight and I was super uncomfortable from the moment I sat down (have I mentioned that I absolutely hate flying). After watching The […]


Cheery holiday cupcakes. Perfect easy dessert (and breakfast for me…).  Guess someone’s been a good girl this year… Decor a la moi… I left most my gift shopping for Christmas eve after work and lord knows I tried to stay calm in the midst of that craziness. Can’t believe how many people were out there! […]