Women in Wellness : Soo Hyun

Soo Hyun is a Portland(OR) raised teen blogger, content-creator, and self-described adventurer, currently based in Seoul, Korea. Through her blog (www.heysoohyun.tk), writing for publications, and film making, she hopes to encourage the vibrant plant-based lifestyle, empower women to drive feminism and social awareness, stand against prejudice and ageism, and beat the impossible beauty standards of Korea. My Food Philosophy: I believe that […]

Women in Wellness : Nita Pettibone

Today I’m happy to introduce to you: Nita Pettibone. Nita is a certified health coach, wellness educator, author, and motivational speaker that teaches classes, groups and individuals how to feel their best by eating well, living happily, and finding balance in their lives. She has helped thousands of people achieve their own goals with food […]