Life Lately in Snapshots

Life lately… Tons of herbal tea, wool socks, snuggling on the couch, scented candles, sage smudging, angels, Korean stews and …. daily exercise! I accidentally found Robin Sharma’s Youtube channel and listened to one of his inspiring videos talking about the “Holy Hour” and how to get up early. It resonated with me since I’m […]


I’ve been doing lots of intention and goal setting this month, anything from the big picture to the small ideas and things I want to accomplish in my personal life as well as in business. For example, we really want/have to move so new home is on the list. Somewhere warmer would be nice, like California, but Finland […]


Hello friends! Quietness on the blog has been due to feeling a bit uninspired, mainly because of the change of seasons. It is cold, and when it gets cold, I tend to hibernate. I must’ve been a bear in my past life. On my days off I’ve forced myself to get out of the house […]


 Just a few snapshots of my week. For more check out my Instagram. Last weekend we went to Philly again since the weather forecast looked promising so there’s a posting or two coming up about that. I found the cutest little cafe called P.S. & Co.! Click the link to see my post about it. […]

Week in Snapshots

 It’s been a week full of culinarist excitement, lots of hot yoga, cold mornings, warm days and even a little weekend getaway to Philly which was so much fun. We had dinner at Cuba Libre that was surprisingly delicious. Philadelphia Restaurant Week was going on and we were able to sample many things from the menu. […]


It’s all about those summer streets of NYC, green juices, healthy colorful meals and a rooftop party or two. Oh man I love this city in the summer. Yes, it’s hot and stinky and you’re guaranteed to have a bad hair day every single day because of the un-bearing humidity, but it’s all right. You’re […]