Five Favorites

Hello October! This month has started with some interesting collaborations and magnificent weather. It has been hot here in the Bay Area and I’ve been loving it. Hubs not so much, because we’re used to having central air conditioning in the North East and in Northern California it’s not the standard (because weather here is […]

5 favorites

  1.Thrive Market My go-to online store for health foods and other products like non-toxic cleaning products and laundry detergent is Thrive Market. This time I got kelp noodles, dates, sprouted quinoa, coconut flour, laundry detergent, coconut aminos, Gomasio, thyme, sprouted organic non-gmo popping corn, ghee, raw apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast and the coconut […]


BarkTHINS Whenever you feel that craving for chocolate, don’t go for the Snickers Bar. Instead choose better chocolate! BarkTHINS snacking chocolate is a great alternative to those junk-filled chocolate bars. BarkTHINS are non-GMO and Fair-Trade Certified dark chocolates with your choice of coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds and other flavors. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye […]


ALOHA. I’m always looking for healthy, low-sugar snacks to keep in my purse while I’m on the go. There’s nothing worse than that terrible feeling of hunger, and noticing that you’re ┬ábeing surrounded by junk food establishments, nothing even remotely healthy on sight. I usually have with me some homemade trail mix or a protein […]