Kat’s Meows of the Week

It has been a while since I’ve managed to write a post. It seems that I have barely any time anymore between health coaching, full-time job and yoga. So I came up with a new segment called Kat’s Meows of the Week where I show you my favorite finds.

Loving…  This facial scrub from Acure. It keeps my skin nice and smooth without toxic ingredients. Lemon peel and kelp gently exfoliate removing dead skin cells, because, hey, who wants those hanging around.

Also, this deodorant. I’ve tried so many different aluminum-free deodorants, some ok, some no bueno at all, and I think I’ve found the one. It really works keeping me from becoming stinky in sticky situations (hot yoga tested too!). FYI: it is not an anti-perspirant, and you shouldn’t use antiperspirants in a first place, but it sure works on the odor part.

And lastly… We’ve been getting beautiful weather here lately and I’ve enjoyed my fair share of sun (and through that, vitamin D!). This evening serum nourishes my skin after sun exposure. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave my skin oily, and repairs sun damage.

Eating… Crunchy Thai Peanut Salad from Specialty’s Bakery. It’s been my go-to-lunch lately. Recipe for a similar one here.

Listening to… Podcasts! I’m addicted! It’s such an easy way to learn new things in life and business. My favorites are Food Heals Nation, House-Call with Dr. Hyman (Mark Hyman) as well as Medical Medium. I also recently started listening to Marie Forleo’s podcast (been following her Youtube for years now) and fell in love with this, very fitting-for-me, episode.

Reading…The Skimm.  This daily email recaps what’s happening in the world in the most approachable, hilarious way! I don’t read the news, but I read this. Just so I can be part of the conversations when they happen…

Recommending… Four Sigmatic medicinal mushroom teas. I went to a mushroom lesson at our local natural grocery store last week and got really into these magical little healers. I will make a post about that wealth of information soon. It is quite fascinating though, let me tell ya! 10% off mushroom drinks here.

Drinking…. My smoothies have been filled with lots of  superfoods lately, thanks to Philosophie. I got a whole bunch of products from them some time ago and absolutely love the brand and their founder Sophie. They have 3 flavors: Green Dream, Cacao Magic and Berry Bliss that come in form of superfood honeys, powders and mixed in coconut oil.

Smelling… Essential oils from Aroma Foundry. You’ve seen these oils before in this post for my DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner, but I also use them in my DIY air freshener (I love mixing peppermint and lemongrass), as well as keeping them at my desk at work for stress-relieving deep-breathing breaks.

Wearing…  I’m all about comfort nowadays, and when I started looking for work pants for my corporate job, I turned to Betabrand. They’re SF based company that makes innovative clothing, crowdfunding style. I have 2 pairs of their Office Yoga Pants (straight-leg and cropped-leg) and they’re so very comfortable. I’ve actually gone straight from work to a yoga class wearing the same pants. They really are as stretchy as yoga pants!

Craving… Freeze from Pressed Juicery. You’ve seen these healthy alternatives to frozen yogurt/ice cream on my Instagram feed every now and then, because that is how I treat myself the guilt-free way. They’re made from their fresh pressed juices, no added sugar. You can add healthy toppings like berries, granola, cacao or almond butter drizzle.

Looking forward to… Yoga classes at CorePower Yoga. I just signed up for their unlimited monthly membership and feel amazing to be back. Also, long holiday weekend exploring the gorgeous Northern California.

Quote that is appropriate to the current time… “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.” – Lucille Ball.

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