Life Lately

Even Mercury Retrograde is here and I had three sleepless nights in a row (maybe because of that and the recent full moon?) I feel positive energy more than in a long time. I’m feeling change and abundance coming after a long dry season of pinching pennies, and in one week I won two contests: one with Leap Organics (Magic Bullet and a 30-Day Supply of smoothie packets) and another one with Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie Superfoods (2-week virtual wellness coaching group Nourish Your Soul). These have uplifted my spirits quite a bit. Oh, and a new exciting job opportunity as well!

What I’m listening:

Food Heals Nation is one of my favorites. Allison and Suzy interview interesting guests from the holistic wellness world and these episodes are not only fun, but also very educational. Easy listening while I’m taking a long walk. At the gym it’s been all about old musicals like Stayin’ Alive, Fame and Rent.

What I’m reading:

I’ve finally finished Highly Intuitive People and started my next book. It sure took me forever to finish it, not an easy read, but it did teach me a lot about myself and people around me. The next book I’m tackling is You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life – Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation and True Bliss. Mindfulness and especially meditation is extremely valuable for highly intuitive people so this book continues from where my previous book left me off.

What I’m eating and loving:

Spiralized veggies. I’ve finally started using my Spiralizer that I got for my birthday early March and I am in love. I’ve only done cucumbers, zucchinis and butternut squash so far, but I’m thinking of making spiralized apple-cinnamon dessert tonight. This is a really fun way to make your food. Especially fun way to teach your kids to love veggies!

What I’m drinking:

Kombucha one sip at a time whenever I crave sugar. Matcha with cinnamon.

Where I’m writing:

I just discovered new Joe & The Juice location in Financial District that has tons of space to hang out, drink green juice and get creative.

What else I’ve discovered this week:

I desperately need a new phone. My old iPhone 5 is not really delivering anymore, poor ol’ thing. I can go from 50% battery to 3% in a matter of minutes, the photo quality is inadequate and I’m always out of storage space. I hate to be wasteful and let go of things when they still (kind of) work, but it’s time. Next paycheck it’ll happen.

What I’ve subscribed to:

Imperfect Produce! Delivers “ugly”, not up to supermarket standards look-wise, farm fresh fruits and veggies to your door once a week. Small organic mixed box is just about $17! Get $10 off when you mention my name at checkout!

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