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I think it’s safe to say that spring is finally here because weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I’ve spent so much time outdoors riding my bicycle around the island, sitting at the beach/park reading (yes, i’m still trying to finish Highly Intuitive People) and taking long walks listening to my fave podcasts. I love podcasts! I’ll write a post of my favorites in the near future.

And talking about content, I’d love to have you answer a quick questionnaire that will help me plan my blog content for the future. It only takes a couple of minutes and I’d be forever grateful. Plus, you’ll get a chance to win 4-week health coaching package with me. It’s a great opportunity for you to kickstart your health journey this spring so you can enter the summer season with energy and inspiration. Click here to enter! 

My 30-day sugar cleanse has started well. I have not had any cravings yet and my energy level is great. I made my own bread that’s gluten-free that I enjoy with hummus. I’ll post the recipe soon. It is super simple and involves a sweet potato. I’ve been having green smoothies for breakfast and snack, and big salads for lunch and dinner, usually topped with falafel, roasted veggies or something else that’s warm. If I get hungry between meals I have raw almonds, a couple of Brazil nuts, or sweet potato bread with hummus. So far so good. Follow my journey with daily posts and videos on Instagram.

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  1. HI Kat! Your spring photos are beautiful! I am going to check back in for that GF sweet potato bread recipe- sounds yums :). Also, I filled out the questionnaire and thought it was a really good idea! Was it easy to create in google docs? Thanks for doing what you are doing- I especially like the cocktails section of this site- you don’t see that too often on a site focused on nutrition/healthy living- but the ingredients you use (kombucha, etc) really create healthy elixirs. Take care!
    Andrea in Portland

    1. Hi Andrea!

      Thanks for your message! Portland is actually next on our trip-list to visit! Heard so many wonderful things about it and can’t wait to visit.

      It was very easy to create the questionnaire and I did use Google Docs. Thanks for filling it out!

      Yes, I believe in balance with healthy eating so a cocktail or a glass of wine/beer every now and then is totally ok. And I do try to get my drinks as healthy as possible, easier done at home than at a restaurant/bar. I think kombucha is the perfect mixer to use with vodka 🙂 + fresh lemon/lime juice or even green juice as we did at a recent ladies brunch.

  2. Very nice. You seem very calm, happy and healthy with such great habits.

  3. Really like your blog, great stuff here! Yay for sugar cleanses, I’m getting ready for one myself.

  4. Love your photos! We just started getting sunshine here too and the Cherry Blossoms, it’s all so pretty! I want to do a sugar cleanse it’s so hard when sugar is in so many things that you wouldn’t think but I’m determ8ned to do it anyway!

    Ellie |

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