Challenge: Read one book a month

In June I decided that I needed to read more books. The whole thing was inspired by my friend Freddie (we worked together in SF) who is a true book worm reading one book per week. I was so impressed by him that I decided to up my book-game and go from finishing zero books a year to reading one book per month. And maybe, just maybe, after I’ve read 7 books in 7 months, I can get to Freddie’s level of brilliance and read one book per week, with joy. How amazing would that be. Imagine the possibilities of learning and knowledge! IMG_9091 Anyways, during June I finished a book my dad left here called The Wayward Bus by John Steinbeck that I had already started reading. I wasn’t really a fan of it to be honest, but at least it was in Finnish. My “official” June book was Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert) which I also had started back when I went to see her in Santa Cruz last year, but never finished it. This is me, starter that never finishes anything. But I did finish Big Magic almost on time (I went maybe 4 days into July) and started my July book which was Essentialism. That one I had started already back when we moved to California in August 2015. This month I’ll read more health oriented book called Chasing Life. I also made a video for this challenge. You can watch it here.IMG_9095

Here’s a list of books I plan to read as per my “Book a Month-Challenge”:

June – Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert) DONE

July – Essentialism (Greg McKeown) DONE

August – Chasing Life (Dr. Sanjay Gupta)

September – The Tao of Inner Peace (Diane Dreher)

October – Fire Starter Sessions (Danielle Laporte)

November – Add more Ing to Your Life (Gabrielle Bernstein)

December – Practical Miracles for Mars & Venus  (John Gray)

BONUS BOOKS: Getting the Love You Want (Harville Hendrix) & Falling in Happy (Nita Pettibone)


What are you currently reading?

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